Axle, South Eveleigh

‘Axle’ is a campus workplace conceived as a work of urban transformation. The first workplace building delivered as part of the South Eveleigh Masterplan, Axle forms part of the largest single company workplace in Australia. The campus is an advanced workplace project directed towards making authentic places to exchange ideas, innovate, meet, enjoy and just be. At the heart of this project is the creation of a vibrant public space network inspired by the industrial railway history of this site and the cultural identity of South Eveleigh.

Axle brings together the long east-west alignments of the historic railway workshops with a fluid curvilinear form inspired by the landscape of the adjacent park.These forms are interlocked in a dynamic embrace opening and closing, with natural light drawn in between them to fill the workspaces below, creating great spatial complexity, diversity and a strong sense of identity. The composition continues into the detail of the foyers, the atriums, the bridges and meeting pod facades with a refined complement of warm natural materials.

A series of timber and glass meeting rooms punctuate the edges of the atrium, providing visual interest whilst creating a series of linked but human scaled work zones. The remaining atrium edges are expressed as series of glass and white horizontal ribbons spliced together with soft curves to create a highly fluid and organic expression.

The structure of the atrium roof responds directly to the curved geometry of the plan to create a softly undulating form of varying depth.


Integrated Cultural Artworks

untitled (red gum slabs)’ Foyer Artwork by Jonathan Jones

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