Blackwattle Bay Concept Plans — 3 Scenarios

Blackwattle Bay Concept Plans — 3 Scenarios

fjcurban prepared three draft master plan options which help to depict the potential redevelopment opportunities within the project investigation area. Each option illustrates a potential urban renewal outcome for Blackwattle Bay based on feedback from key community stakeholders dating back to 2014, input from government agencies, and studies from a range of technical specialist consultants. The options were framed to explore alternative strategies across the range of urban design considerations.
Scenario 1 — Scenario 1 has a focus on housing. The masterplan concept integrates with the residential neighbourhoods of Pyrmont / Ultimo and links to the Glebe community through the new Sydney Fish Market and the continues foreshore promenade. Exploring the historic natural and man made layers of Blackwattle Bay. Scenario 1 has a Timber theme. From the Blackwattle and Casuarina trees that characterised the indigenous landscape, through the timber merchant operations in the Bay, and the use of timber in the Coal Loader and wharfs, this natural material has provided shelter, resource and structure. By extending key streets to the bay and intersecting with the tracing of the original foreshore line, Scenario 1 creates a sequence of waterside public spaces, connected by the continuous foreshore promenade. On the promontory, a gathering circle is imagined. A place for small yarning circles and larger indigenous performances. Open to land, water and sky, the gathering circle will be community space, welcoming all to Blackwattle Bay.

Scenario 2 — balances jobs and homes. It seeks to form a transition from the employment focus of the Central Business District to the residential neighbourhoods of Glebe, Annandale, Rozelle and Balmain. The natural and organic layers of Blackwattle Bay and its surrounds give the Scenario 2 masterplan concept its form. The orthogonal man-made patterns of streets and buildings are subverted and the fluid geometries of the original foreshore line, the sandstone cuttings, the light rail viaduct and even the Western Distributor are the lines that shape the concept. Sandstone is the material theme of Scenario 2. Sandstone and water are central to the image of the Sydney landscape and both have lead roles in the Blackwattle Bay story. The building forms are morphed around the organic lines of the original foreshore line, creating a sinuous and broad public space extension to the foreshore promenade. The new public space terraces down to the waters edge, enhancing connection and experience of the bay.

New employment accommodation along the Greater Sydney Commissions Innovation Corridor is the focus of Scenario 3. It seeks to expand and enhance the education, collaboration and innovation workplaces that are establishing themselves on the Pyrmont / Ultimo peninsular. The primary open space is arranged parallel to the waters edge, integrating with the foreshore promenade to the new Fish Market and around to the Bank Street Open Space. A Casuarina Grove unites the indigenous significance of the Casuarina with the grid structure of Pyrmont. A setdown sand bed is imagined to capture the needles and form a canvas for gatherings, artworks, lighting and events. Pedestrians, bicycles and vehicles will mix along the main shared street from Bridge Road to Bank Street. Supporting lanes and arcades follow the grid pattern, defining the office buildings above ground level retail.

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